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Schrock Lumber Office

Since 1962
Phone: (319) 394-3964
Fax: (319) 394-9173  kenton.slc@mepotelco.net

The Proven Schrock Staff
Local Employees you know and trust

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Edward Schrock, 1962 Owner /Founder

Mediapolis, IA

Carolyn Breder, 1987

President/AccountsPayable & Receivable

Mediapolis, IA

Kenton Klenk, 1987

Manager/Sales/Purchasing/Computer Design  Mediapolis, IA

Dan Truesdell,1994  

Asst Mgr/Sales/Computer Design New London, IA
Richard Blackett, 2000
Counter/ Sales Oakville, IA
Bill Tarasewicz, 1994 Delivery Mediapolis, IA
E.L. Runnells, 2015 Delivery Mediapolis, IA
Jeff Scott, 2008 Delivery Mediapolis, IA
Over 200 Years of Combined Experience
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